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Oh, another protocol...! Are you tired of always investing a lot of time in logging and almost even more complex formatting?

With the DokPro Business app, you can create a clear, high-quality, audit-proof log on your smartphone, tablet or computer in no time at all. The report is formatted automatically and is assigned a document number including versioning. With DokPro Business, you bring a systematic and structured approach to the protocol and your company or association. You have a large number of protocol templates at your disposal (e.g. general meeting, team meeting, working session, etc.)

With just one click, you can generate the created minutes in a PDF and send them directly by e-mail to the predefined recipients. You can also add whiteboard sketches and/or notes to your minutes directly in the corresponding agenda item.


Standard topics

The protocol templates have standard topics, which can be selected on request

Text input via dictation function

The text can be entered using the dictation function, so there is no need to type it in using the keyboard

Logo in templates (monthly subscription)

Under the settings you can store your own predefined logo, which will then appear on your logs

Audit-proof protocols

Each protocol receives a unique document number and version. The protocol changes are versioned and documented (DIN EN ISO 9001 / DIN EN 61335)

Dispatch Protocol

The protocol is then sent directly via the app in Pdf format to all selected recipients

Free updates

The application is continuously revised & updated according to the needs


Choose the appropriate ones from a selection of standard agenda items.


Add contacts easily from the phone book.


The protocol can be previewed at any time and can be sent by e-mail at any time with just one touch.

DokPro Business

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