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«Carry out heavy current control»

Periodic inspections of electrical installations are necessary and required by law. So you check every year all installations such as piping systems, ammunition and tank installations of the military or medically used rooms according to the Low Voltage Installation Ordinance 734.27 Annex Art. 32 para.2. You are obliged to check all installations in different time periods and to document defects.
The DokPro application contains various protocol templates such as inspection protocol, acceptance & handover protocols, fact finding protocol and more. However, you can also create your own protocol template. With the app, you also create various inspection objects. This is a great advantage, especially for periodic inspections, as different rooms and installations have to be inspected. You can store standard texts that are used again and again as inspection objects and use them again and again by simply selecting them. You also have the possibility to create checklists, where every defect in every room can be listed with every responsibility.
As the person taking the minutes, all you have to do is enter the relevant data in the agenda items, define the responsibilities and set the deadline dates, convert the minutes into a PDF and send them directly to the predefined recipients.


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